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DU Football Show

Aug 21, 2018

Sam Huston loves football this week, and Sam Graham wanted to chuck his glass across the bar.

The boys are drinking Whistle Pig as they recap the weekend games.


English Premier games recapped:

Manchester United vs Brighton

Manchester City vs Huddersfield

Liverpool vs Crystal Palace

Newcastle United Vs Cardiff City

Leicester vs Wolves

Bournemouth vs West Ham

Tottenham vs Fulham

Watford vs Burnley

Everton vs Southampton

Chelsea vs Arsenal


Predictions for week three. Both Sams were 5 of 10 in last weeks predictions. 


In the latest addition of “I’m too old for this shit” catch up with the Drunkard United FC and hear about the betrayal and why they drowned their sorrows in the parking lot.


Drink a shot every time the boys say “make a meal of it”


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